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Invite your family, friends, and/or colleagues to join #the24Walk. You can conquer the 10 km whenever it suits your calendar throughout the month of March 2023.


Walk 10km in 24 hours any time during March and remember to share your activity with us on social media using the hashtag #the24Walk and tag @24Slides, this way an additional donation will be unlocked and sent straight to Bali Children Foundation.

Do you prefer to just place a donation and skip the 10km? Then that's okay too.

At the end of the day, our main goal is to raise as much as possible for the children of Nusa Penida, Indonesia.

Bali Children Foundation  - Paving the way from Education to Employment.
BCF works to improve education standards for children living in disadvantaged regions of Bali and nearby islands to achieve better incomes for themselves, their families, and broader communities.

This project

The classroom upgrades, teacher training and current teacher support on the island of Penida, funded by the 2022 #the24Walk, allowed BCF to deliver remedial Literacy & Numeracy classes to grades 2 and 3 at 3x PED schools.

The grade 2 children are doing well, but the grade 3's are behind. These students, now in grade 4, need intense Remedial classes to ensure their reading and numeracy reach 'basic competency'. 

As the island develops its tourism, the children need an Education that prepares them to work in this expanding industry. 

#the24Walk aim is to:

  • fund the Literacy & Numeracy programs
  • fund three classroom upgrades for the BCF English as a Foreign Language curriculum.
  • upgrade the local sports ground that was badly damaged in the 2022 Nusa Penida floods, because children benefit from fun and education.  


“And that is why 24Slides has decided to support this project again, as we can see the important and direct impact our efforts last year achieved, and because we believe that by continuously supporting this project, we are supporting more long-term and sustainable solutions for the children, securing them a better future” – Louise Holk, Head of CSR, 24Slides


For only $10 USD a disadvantaged child will receive education for three months

About 24Slides

In 2010 Tobias Schelle, our founder and CEO, had a mission. He wanted to build a presentation design company that leaned on a better, fairer model of digital outsourcing. So, together with a graphic designer in Malang, Indonesia, the journey of 24Slides began.

Now, 10 years and over 1,000,000 slides later, we’re the world’s largest presentation design company with 250 team members across the globe. We support thousands of companies and professionals each month, allowing them to give powerful on-brand presentations.

As a B Corp, we are committed to continuously improving our efforts of having a positive impact on the world. With this activity, we support the UN Sustainable Development Goals No. 1 (No Poverty), No. 3 (Good Health and Well-Being), No 4. (Quality Education), and No 10. (Reducing Inequalities).

Join the FUN

What is #the24Walk?

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#the24Walk is a virtual charity event that raises funds for children still impacted by the effect COVID-19 has had on their education in Indonesia. The funds will be used to support disadvantaged children so they can continue their education on the Island of Nusa Penida.

Why have you chosen to partner with Bali Children Foundation?

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We had a great collaboration with BCF last year and have already seen a great impact from the funds raised in 2022. Furthermore, BCF is an award-winning charity in Bali who provide educational support for the most disadvantaged children in Bali and the surrounding islands.

How is 24Slides generating donations to Bali Children Foundation?

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We, 24Slides, are making a donation of USD10 every time a colleague signs up for #the24Walk. Additionally, we will be making a donation of USD10 for every post during March 2023 that tags 24Slides and includes #the24Walk (hashtag). This activity runs on both Instagram and LinkedIn.

How do I unlock donations by engaging with social media?

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Every post shared during the month of March 2023 using the hashtag #the24Walk as well as tagging 24Slides will unlock a donation of USD10 to the charity project. This applies for both Instagram and LinkedIn. 
*The donations are limited to the first 100 posts.

What is the minimum donation?

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You can donate how much or little you want. As a default, the platform is withdrawing USD10, which is marked as an admin fee, however, this is not towards admin, the USD10 will go towards the charity project.

What if we reach the goal?

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We can never raise too much money since so many children are in need of support. With this in mind, the project is scalable to go beyond our goal, and then have an even greater impact.

 Are there any tax benefits when pledging a donation?

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Yes, companies from the USA will have tax benefits and will receive a tax receipt with their donations. If you are donating from Australia, we can also provide a tax receipt. This will come directly from BCF.

I have more questions

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Do you want to know more about the charity project or how to get involved in #the24Walk? Send a message to Louise Holk, Head of CSR at 24Slides and we will be in touch shortly. Email: holk@24slides.com

Thank you to the following Corporate Sponsors: 

This fundraising campaign is approved by the Danish Ministry of Justice, Department of Civil, carrying the case number: 23-700-05919