Jacqui, Sam and DJ (V&B Athletic)

The Bali Hope Ultra 2022

Running for Coach Jase and the Children of Bali

We are heading back to Bali in September 2022 to take part for the third time (for DJ) and the first time as Runners rather than supporters (for Jacqui and Sam) in the Bali Hope Ultramarathon, an 84km overnight run from the North to the South of Bali, in support of the Bali Children Foundation.  After the last 2 years during which many of the families supported by the Foundation were focussed on just trying to get enough food to stay alive, let alone getting an education for their children, they need our help more than ever.

This year is particularly special for us on a number of fronts.  As some of you know, our beloved Jase Cronshaw passed away in his sleep in April.  We have barely begun to process that loss personally, but we do know that we need to continue his legacy in any way we can.  V&B Athletic which he formed with DJ over 6 years ago, was set up to help people use fitness and community as a way of improving health in both body and mind. 

Of the 40+ ultramarathons he and DJ have run over the last decade, the runs that were the most fulfilling were those they were doing for the benefit of others.  Either through raising sponsorship money for a cause, (with a particular focus on children's health and education where the right sort of support can give you some of the greatest long term philanthropic impact) or by helping others run those sort of distances for the first time.

Bali Children Foundation, with its focus on increasing community welfare by educating entire generations of children in remote villages in Northern Bali, is particularly close to our heart.  The few days there include spending time in the schools we're supporting and meeting the students and families who have benefited from the Foundation's efforts over the years - in many ways more special than the run itself.   

Jase would have been right there by our side running this year, but now pushing right out of her comfort zone and trained by the amazing endurance athlete Samantha Gash and the Her Trails running program, Jacqui is going to be running in his memory, conquering her first ever continuous ultramarathon and doing Jase and the children of Bali very proud.

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The best summing up of our journey we could possibly give!!

Thursday 15th Sep

Thank you to my Sponsors


James Wakim

David Jones shares Values that I also live by and carry. I wish you all the best


Craig And Mark

Go you good things


Dmc Advertising Group Pty Ltd



Such an important cause to support in this beautiful country, this donation goes out to my wonderful running buddy Jacqui - so looking forward to you conquering this one, it's going to be special on every level!!


E D H Offline Donation



Weve no words to describe our pride and support for what your are doing. Double rainbows the whole way beautiful people. xxx


Caroline Ho

Always glad to be able to support a great cause. Have a great run all!


Hany Yacoub

To one great coach’ everlasting legacy of hope and mateship. Thank you Jase and May you wonder the sky’s running


Hilary Brownlow

Good luck David and team. Great cause.


Pierre Wakim


Linda, James, Isaac, Violet & Charlie

Sending all our love to you Jacqui, DJ and Sam on this amazing challenge. In memory of the most amazing, gentle and caring Jase Cronshaw.


Hedley Mooney


Rob Price

Have a great run - thanks for supporting those in need and building on Jase's legacy - Run strong!


Lyn, Heidi And Kate

A great tribute to remember a wonderful friend. Jacqui, you’re a champion.


G & B Cummins

We know you'll be putting your whole hearts into the run this year. Great work in supporting this worthy cause.


Pam Unsworth


Chris W



Have an amazing time team! You’re going to crush it. I’ll be there in spirit 💙



You are one inspiring lady, JM


Claire Noore

That you are managing to keep functioning at a basic level after such a shocking loss, nevermind focusing and running across Bali to benefit others, is nothing short of inspiring. Just amazing.



Wonderful work you guys are doing! All the best!



Go Jac and DJ, you are amazing! With you in spirit. Run well xx



the OG SC


Jessica Pollard

Jase will definitely be smiling down on this team of awesome people! Hope you have chippy sandwiches ready for the moments that matter! I will be cheering you on from Sydney and am sending big hugs to everyone!


R&b Jones

RJ & BJ remembering Jase


Sacha Jones

Inspiring 💗💗💗💗


Elliotte Frankie

So proud to know you DJ & I know you’ll smash it Jacqui!


Leigh Duthie


Sally Lake

Run and recovery swiftly, Jac. 💛 In loving memory of Jase.


Rebecca Tan

Always inspiring. Have a great run! Will be thinking of all three of you next week.


Ben Lucas

Love and respect team



You guys are legends , and I am so proud of you Jacgui , hope you take in every moment 💪🏻🏃‍♀️🏃🏼‍♂️⭐️


Natalie Ward

Dear JM Wishing you all the best on this run !!! Will be thinking of you every step of the way. You are amazing, fearless, tenacious and beautiful inside and out !!!! Love Nat


Bruce Webb

Best of luck


Shelley Newton

Well done again Davy, sure this will be an extra special one for you all


Sarah Pickette

What an incredible run to do, Jac. Go well, I’ll be cheering you on from here. X




Taufiq Khan

Go you legends!!


Mel Coulson

Inspirational and amazing - donating for the 7kms chuck I just heard about on the hill… hardcore and elite personified


Dianne Rees

I shall be cheering you on from home as you embark on this mammoth effort. So very proud of each one of you. I know Jase will be with you every step of the way.


Marie Nguyen

Best of luck, DJ and team! The lengths that you are (literally) taking to support such a great cause is admirable.


Ella Bauman

Well done David and team, a phenomenal effort for such a great cause


Amye Mcarthur


Kirsten Simpson

All the best David and team!


Rosa Solomon

So inspiring! All the best to an amazing trio!


Alison Close

Awesome work guys!


Thibaut Mairesse

Go David!!! This is a great cause and Jase will be running on your side to help you go through the tough moments. Have a great run!


Jacqueline Williams

Amazing committment! Such strong, courageous (and fit) hearts! Strength to your amrs (or legs, as the case may be!)


Ana Moreno

Best of luck in Bali. You can do it!!


Charlie And Sarah X

Thank you for doing this x


Emily Ng


Erica Kidston

Best of luck and enjoy!




Maria Ragusa

Cheering for you David, Jacqui & Sam! Jase would be very proud of you all :)


Izzy Smith

Good luck you amazing people 🎉💛💛