David (DJ) and Campbell (CJ)

The Bali Hope Ultra 2023

I am running 84km overnight coast-to-coast across Bali to help lift-up a disadvantaged community in Bali with the award-winning Bali Children Foundation. Please support me by donating. 

$220 puts an elementary school child through a scholarship for one year.

$100 provides food support and essential vitamins for a malnourished child for 3 months.

Running for the children and communities of Bali...

This will be my fourth year running 84km overnight across the beautiful Island of Bali to support the efforts of the award winning Bali Children Foundation in changing the face of children's education.  Both through my own fundraising efforts and supporting the other 25 runners in their own journeys across the Island.

In September last year I had the privilege to watch Jacqui Mooney complete the run in honour of her husband and my best mate Jase Cronshaw, who left us far too early at just 49 years of age in April 2021.  

This run will be forever associated for me with Jase and this photo sums up so much about our relationship - living our lives by trying to make the lives of others better.  Smiling through every moment of pushing our bodies to the edge of what they are capable of and growing in the process, provided that in doing so we were able to inspire or enable others to be even better versions of the themselves.

Bali Children Foundation, with its focus on increasing community welfare by educating entire generations of children in remote Bali villages, was and always will be particularly close to our hearts.  The few days we spend there include time in the schools we're supporting and meeting the students and families who have benefited from the Foundation's efforts over the years - seeing first hand the practical, on the ground improvements that have been made and most importantly, seeing the smiles on those kids' faces when they are given the opportunity for an education that many of us in the developed world take for granted.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Anne-marie Allgrove

Constantly in awe of all you do David!


Hilary Brownlow

Amazing cause - well done to a great dedicated bunch of people.


Eva Hucker

Best wishes for the run David - such an awesome event and charity.


Caroline Ho

Syabas David!


David Jones


Dan Price

Run well legend!


Pamelal Unsworth


Ana Moreno

Your efforts will undoubtedly make a meaningful impact on the lives of those in need. Best of luck, and may your spirit and determination carry you to the finish line!


Glynis And Bob Cummins

Another great effort from you and all the team. Congratulations everyone!


Jennifer Dobbins

You’re an inspiration to all of us DJ. Thank you for everything you do!



Keep that spirit alive. Thank you


Taufiq Khan

Go DJ! Inspiring as always


Claire Bibby

You're such a rockstar DJ! I'm constantly blown away by what you do. And a big shout out to Mel and the kids too for their support x


Shelley Newton (and Fam)

Inspirational (as always) Davey


Nick Brown





As usual Dave, I am in awe of what you can do. Good luck with the run.


Ben A


Maria Ragusa