Amy Twist

The Bali Hope Ultra 2023

I am running 84km overnight coast-to-coast across Bali to help lift-up a disadvantaged community in Bali with the award-winning Bali Children Foundation. Please support me by donating. 

$220 puts an elementary school child through a scholarship for one year.

$100 provides food support and essential vitamins for a malnourished child for 3 months.

I'm fundraising for...

As kids, we were all told, that if we study at school, get good grades, & get a good job then you’ll have a very comfortable life, yet what I discovered as a result of this process, is how lucky I am to have the knowledge, means & ability to help others, because a real joy & happiness actually lies in that.

I am very fortunate to have been educated in Australia, & I believe that children everywhere in the world deserve an education, as it is fundamental to overcoming life’s challenges.

Australians love Bali, we all come here expecting to be provided with an amazing holiday experience, yet just away from our favourite tourist destinations are some very small & poor communities that really get left behind, & it’s those kids that my efforts,  & your donations will supporting.

Thankyou 🙏

Thank you to my Sponsors


Kim Lewin


Cory Van Dijk

Good luck sis, I'm sure you'll kill it. Great cause 👌



Happy 35th Birthday my love. Have fun running. I'll wait at the hotel.


Nigel Withers

All the best from Nigel, Julia, Felix and Seb


Kate & Charlie

Good luck



Go girl 💪


Tammy Keys

Thanks Amy Your doing an amazing job ❤️❤️❤️ Good on you lovely xxx Love Tammy


Sue Spurling

Well done Amy for helping disadvantaged children.👏


M & M Bentley

You can do it!!





Theo Naude

Super effort and even greater cause Amy!


Zoe Walker

You are an inspiration Amy. Love Zoe & Boys x


Secret Santa 2022

Love your work, love your shirt!


Simone & Elise Taylor-stanners

You bloody awesome chic 👏👏👏you’re an inspiration and a beautiful soul …. ❤️


Brianna Hynes

Go Amy :)


Sue Mair


Gail Crawford

I am in awe of what you are capable of. You are amazing! 🤩


Aslinn, Cameron And Isa

A superwoman and an inspiration xx


Quinta Van Dijk

Very proud of you Amy


Kerry & Harvey

All the best Amy, you're a champ


Twist Household Swear Jar

If you’re going to swear like a pirate at least make it worthwhile!


E Tierney

I hope the run 🏃‍♀️ goes well Amy!!!! You will smash it!! See you at yoga soon!!


Roselyn Scolaro

All the best Amy. You're an inspiration


Jordon&byron Edwards

Safe running Amy xx


Anne Van Dijk

Happy Birthday to my favourite grandaughter!


Wendy Milne


Sharon Dewar

Good luck Amy


Deb Turner


Kerry Mcsweeney

Respect Amy…inspirational 👌👍🤩


Esther Travers


Diane Kelly

Thank you Amy


Barbara Jean Fleay

thinking of you with love and admiration amy wishin g you all the best with your run


Sheryl & Gordon Twist

Happy Birthday to our favourite daughter in law!


Emma And Ross

Happy Birthday from Emma and Ross


Dianne Evans


Renae Haley


Yvonne Zaffino

You're a champion Amy, such a good cause. All the best on the 84km run. Love Aunty Yvonne and Uncle Tony xx


Amy Smith

You got this girl!!


Christine Throssell

Best of luck Amy. 👏



Super proud of you xx


Caitlin Arnold

Go Amy!!


Michele Lambert

You are amazing Amy.


Angus Cheung


Marg Ashworth

We’ll done Amy and wishing you all the best!


Emily Mckelvie

Well done Amy



Very proud and excited that Amy, the red headed white freckled Aussie is competing again!!! Such a awesome run you are doing for Bali 🙂🙂


Catherine Beeson

Have a great run ❤️


Dani H