Bella Reynolds

The Bali Hope Ultra 2023

I am running 84km overnight coast-to-coast across Bali to help lift-up a disadvantaged community in Bali with the award-winning Bali Children Foundation. Please support me by donating. 

$220 puts an elementary school child through a scholarship for one year.

$100 provides food support and essential vitamins for a malnourished child for 3 months.

I'm fundraising for...

At 4.30pm, (yes PM!) on Saturday 27th May I will be setting off with 25 'new friends' and running through the night across Bali, (yes ACROSS Bali), for 84 (long) kilometres!!  I imagine it will take me the best part of 13-14 hours ..... but truly who knows??


1. Because I Can

2. Because I want to show other midlife women that you can still have a CRACK at incredibly athletic pursuits, 'gliding' across the finish line

And 3. Because I want to make a HUGE Difference to the lives of Balinese children with one of the most potent sources of empowerment - EDUCATION!

Did you know?  

When a child in Bali is educated to the level of a 1 yr Diploma, it will increase the income for that child's family SIX FOLD!!!  SIX FOLD!!  From $50/month to $300/month!!  

Where else can you get that sort of RETURN on INVESTMENT???  And the legacy it leaves is PRICELESS!!

The Bali Hope Ultra is a WIN-WIN- WIN event - we 'crazy, ambitious humans' get to experience a unique event across on of the most beautiful islands in the world WHILE raising money and awareness for a simply OUTSTANDING charity, The Bali Children Foundation WHILE seeing the impact of previous events when we meet the children!

Bali has always been on my bucket list and last year I was finally able to get there!  The green paddy fields were beautiful, the beaches were great AND THE PEOPLE were beautiful!!  But the BIG surprise was the poverty .... it is a third world country loved to death my Aussies and other first worlders AND this is a problem that solvable!!! 

Please choose to support this incredible charity and it's work!

There 3 key priorities for 2023 are:

1. Remedial literacy programs post COVID for grades 1-3

2. STEM - science, technology, engineering and maths - funding for high school children so they can do better environmentally.

3. Laptop program for year 9 students to learn Coding and computing skills

These are such wonderful initiatives - all taken as standard in Australian education!!

$220 puts an elementary school child through a scholarship for one year.

$100 provides food support and essential vitamins for a malnourished child for 3 months.

My Updates

I did it!!! 84kms done and over $8000 handed over to do incredible good in Bali!

Friday 2nd Jun
The photo says it all!!  Pure relief!!

What an incredible experience - not to be forgotten!

The 16 hours it took me was full of focus, determination, sweat, swearing, public nudity, hilarious reactions from Balinese villagers, nonchalant dogs, the kindest of support crews, laughter, tears, caffeine 'bonking', more laughter, more tears, blisters and chafing ......

But as the beautiful Jacquie Bell said "It wouldn't be an Ultra without tears' haha

And to top if all off, the Bali Children's Foundation fundraising recipients were on every corner for the final 4kms - soooooooo heart warming and perfect!

THANK You each and every one of you who have sponsored over $8000!!!!!!! A simply staggering amount of money ....... know that it is going to totally change the lives of many children and their families.


What's next you ask?

Some rest, some bubbles, some fun family time ..... and some small runs :))))))

Oh and perhaps a tattoo lol .... you will have to wait and see xx

8 days to go .... and with just $1900 more we can fully educate 2 children right through to the end of high school!!!!

Friday 19th May
SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY so grateful for the enormous generous heartfelt support for the children and our run!  
Truly cannot thank you enough!
And it is really starting to dawn the massive legacy impact that each dollar and every step we take will have!!
I have just estimated that I will take (roughly) 146,880 steps to complete this Ultra - 16hours with cadence of 153 steps per minute .... yeah I love the details lol ....

So that's about $21.28 per step you are paying to see me glide across the finish line???

I think that's incredibly cheap lol .....
What do you think??

I will be sharing lots of updates along the way - especially when we spend Thursday with the little kiddies!!!

Final taper run tomorrow with my son and daughter in law - a measly  1.5hours lol ..... oh how your perspective shifts 
Lotsa love and thanks 
"The Gliding Gutsy Lady"
Me xxx

What a profile!!! Two runs in one!!! That's got to be worth a donation lol!!!

Sunday 23rd Apr
Only 4 training runs left and the vertical climb training is in full swing!

Over the first 20kms of this 84kms run we will climb 1600m!!  


I definitely missed this in the fine print as I signed up lol!! 

(That's only 600m less than Australia's highest peak of Mt Kosciusko of 2228m ..... WTH!!!!!)

Anywho that is what we do when we make a commitment to do something crazy that will help people to take notice and ultimately support what you are doing!!

And what we are really doing with this run is raising money to educate generations of Balinese children raising them from poverty and helping them AND their communities to reach their FULL POTENTIAL!

With just 5 weeks left until the event I really now plan to throw all my efforts into my fundraising - I want to leave nothing on the table to get to my target of $5500 for these beautiful Balinese children.

I have had so much incredible support already and have got just over $3000 left to raise.

Please help me to help these children!

I see providing education as the ultimate LEGACY donation - $1000 today will keep giving generation after generation .......

AU$1000 will teach a whole grade for one whole year!
AU$250 will equip a grade for one whole year!
AU$220 you can sponsor a child for a whole year!

And all that these children learn in that one year stays with them for a lifetime!!!

Every donation helps and I cannot wait to share pictures with you when we get to spend a day with these children just before we do the Ultra!

Help me to help these children have a better world :)

69 days to go .... and I still have all my toenails :)))

Sunday 19th Mar
Yesterday I cracked 3hrs and 15mins for the first time in my life .... no mean feat at 55yrs!  (picture is of my little feet in the ice bath lol!)

And excitedly I think I have also cracked my WALK/RUN mindset - yep, I will only be able to 'glide' across the finish line at Caangu with a combination of running and walking, contrary to what my EGO has been telling me.  

The past month has been a bit of a 'funk' as I have navigated the training,  plantar fascitis and adjusting to what it will be like to run through the night!  Yep, I will be starting the Bali Hope Ultra around 4.30pm so will run through the entire night.  My last all-nighter was at the Brisbane Casino and that finished up with some terrific cocktails ...... a very different picture to 28 May lol 

Anywho, that's what we do to make a difference in other people's lives - Balinese children's to be exact!

I am sooooo excited to meet some of these gorgeous children in the days leading up to the run.  All those eager, smiling, grateful faces busting to have a better life through education!  What a gift to provide them with!!!  

Help me to make their lives the best they can possibly be :)

12 weeks down and ONLY 14 to go eeeek!!

Tuesday 21st Feb
What an incredible 12 weeks it has been!  

When I started training 12 weeks ago, I had not run more than 5kms since the end of 2019 AND I had run no more than 21.0975kms at my only Half Marathon in 2004 ..... almost 20 years ago.

Two weeks ago, I cracked the 20kms target and last weekend I cracked it again ..... exactly what my program was asking for!  To say I am super excited is an under statement.

AND now the REAL work begins ....... this week is all about recovery and from next week I will be heading into 'unchartered waters'.  

Every time that I have moments of doubt, I just ask myself  "Why did you choose to do this Bella?" and the answer is 2 - pronged.
1. To prove to myself and other midlife women that you CAN still attempt hard physical challenges, so long as you approach them with less 'grind' and more 'glide'.
2. To make a SERIOUS difference to the lives of Balinese children and their families, providing opportunities that we in Australia often take for granted.

And that is simply all I need to put that next step forward, complete that 3hr training session or strength training session!

A fun fact to share here too is:
Did you know the power of education??  Bali Children Fund has reported that when a child is educated in a family and that achieve a 1 year Diploma, it will increase the income for that family SIX FOLD!!  From approx $50/month to $300/month!!!

Where on earth can you get that level of Return in Investment???

And finally, I have also created a weekly 'Ultra Aha' vlog on my Youtube Channel documenting all my Aha moments along my Ultra journey each week.  If you want to follow me - click here -

Hoping that this inspires you to learn more about the Bali Hope Ultra and the Bali Childrens Fund.

Until next update :))))

Bella xxx

Thank you to my Sponsors


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