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The Bali Hope Ultra 2022 USA

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I am running 84km overnight coast-to-coast across Bali to help lift-up a disadvantaged community in Bali with the award-winning Bali Children Foundation. Please support me by donating. 

$220 puts an elementary school child through a scholarship for one year.

$100 provides food support and essential vitamins for a malnourished child for 3 months.

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My Why.

Sunday 22nd May
You can’t.
Self doubt has constantly chased me around the world my whole life. Something I’ve been able to silence on a few occasions. But continues to crawl back into my psyche. This is different. This run is a different animal. The @balihopeultra is 84 km / 53 miles across the entire island of Bali in ONE NIGHT. Coast to coast. This run is bigger then me. This run is bigger then that voice.

Bali has always held a special place in my heart. As a kid I dreamed of living in a hut on the beach & as an adult I made the move here & cut my teeth working with fighters from all over the world. Putting myself in a position to work with some of the greatest fighters of all time. Bali and its magic gave a young kid with a dream a platform to live that dream. It’s time for me to give back. So why not run across the island for an incredible charity like @balichildrenfoundation 

Bali’s beauty attracts people from all corners of the world. Beyond its green rice paddies, world renowned beaches & surf breaks,  there is a dark side. A large portion of the population doesn't have access to proper nutrition or quality education. Being born in one of the greatest countries in terms of opportunity to access both of these, yet being from one of the most unhealthy countries is a strange paradox. I need to change that. At the very least for my adopted home.

My Hope. Every child deserves to have the opportunity to live a happy & healthy life. Every child also deserves equal opportunity regardless of the community they are born into. All of this is impossible without access to quality nutrition and education.  These two things are the building blocks to properly empower their communities, which in turn can completely change the trajectory of their lives. 

Any donation & share is directly impacting the future of the island & the future of these children $220 puts an elementary school child through a scholarship for ONE year. $100 provides food support & essential vitamins for a malnourished child for 3 months  
An entire library upgrade for the school is $1400 & will be named after the donor. Anything helps 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Anthony Pettis




Sergio Pettis

You’re the man bro !


Ian Larios




Michael Larios

Mom and I are very proud that your are taking on this incredibly difficult challenge to benefit less fortunate children. We love you!


Jared Gordon

Go get em Ian!



Amazing! You are an inspiration. Changing lives all over the world.



So proud you are thinking of others less fortunate Ian. Love you. Papa


Rob Kosier

Proud of you


Shawna Larios

I am so proud of your decision to help this worthwhile organization and the challenge of this race. With your amazing determination you have displayed throughout your life I believe you will be success in this endeavor.



Much respect bro 🙏 💯


Connie Larios/jim Lynch

Ian, This is an awesome cause and we are so proud of you for doing this run❤️


Brett Mallett

Love you brother, needs to be more people like yourself in this world. Oss


Paul Fam

Get it Ian!


Frank Camacho


Tiana D Larios

Ian, I am so proud of you for giving back to Bali. What an amazing country and the people are even more amazing, which is why this run is so special. I love you Ian and am one proud sister!




Tiffany Van Soest



Jerome Twitty


Clay Rogers

Go get it hommie



Keep inspiring brotha


Tylor James Whelan


Patrick Howe

You’re the man.


Sarah Florio

Proud of you! You got this 🙌🏼