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The Bali Hope SwimRun 2023

We are joining The Bali Hope Swimrun

We are joining The Bali Hope Swimrun in September to help protect the community on the island of Lembongan, Bali alongside the award-winning charity Bali Children Foundation.

Please support us by donating. 

$220 puts an elementary school child through a scholarship for one year.

$100 helps develop the community recycling centre. 

My Updates

Home visit - North Bali

Wednesday 22nd Mar

North Bali Visit

Wednesday 22nd Mar
In March I had the very humbling honour to deliver some clothing packages to some super needy kids in North Bali. The clothes were donated by a group of my amazing running friends and their passage (trust me there was a lot of clothes) helped on their way by Bec (a fellow Bali Hope Runner) and her employer Jetstar. All up we had enough to provide extra clothing items to about 40 kids identified by the Bali Children Foundation as being most in need. To say the kids and families are grateful is an understatement. They really struggle to comprehend someone from another country cares enough to help them. On behalf of these beautiful people THANK YOu ❤️

P.S I’ve attached a few pics of my visit

Thank you to my Sponsors


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Judy And Craig Coulson

Have a great run and we know you'll do well.


Craig Coulson

Pete, you are doing great work for a wonderful cause. More power to you!


Chris Wenzel

Can make Saturday but best wishes




Sian Wright


Leanne Hawking

What an special cause


Ann Miers

All the very best on this great initiative.. Regards, Anni from SOHFIT Kew.


Sylvie Giralt

All the best! Sylvie at Sohfit


Phebe Sutantio

You're doing amazing Pete, such an inspiration!! may the fund raised be a huge blessing for many kids!





Well done Peter! 👏👏



Awesome effort for a great cause Pete!