Warren Cammack

The Bali Hope Ultra 2022

I'm fundraising for...

I am running 84km overnight coast-to-coast across Bali to help lift-up a disadvantaged community in Bali with the award-winning Bali Children Foundation. Please support me by donating. 

$220 puts an elementary school child through a scholarship for one year.

$100 provides food support and essential vitamins for a malnourished child for 3 months.

Thank you to my Sponsors



Run Warren Run! Top Job. What a Great cause.


Jonny Burgess

Good Luck!


Lloyd T

Good luck Warren! Amazing achievement!


Sam Sherlock

Such a remarkable and amazing achievement Warren. Dad & I are so very proud of you.


Stuart Kerr

Massive mate, good luck! Great cause too.


James Rogers

Good luck mate! It's mind over matter at those distances. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other til the finish line. Jimmy


Rajesh Narayanan

All the best Warren, safe run. Absolutely motivating 👍



Good luck Warren!


Marnie Devereux

Congratulations Warren - an great cause!


Lilian Fong

Good luck WC!!! Awesome effort awesome cause ❤️


Minh Ka Ma Yie


Shaun Ewing


Andy Walker

Well done mate!


Kat, Dan, Alice & Hugo Walker

Congratulations Cam! Super proud of you : )


Shaun Drylie

Awesome personal achievement Warren and a great act of support for the Balinese Children 👋


Johmar Gazo

Such a great cause - good luck Warren!


Stuart Lobb(ster)

Proud of you mate …..


Rhodri Scanlon

Absolutely amazing!! A great cause and a great effort. Well done champ.


Emma Oakes


Kirstin Telmer


Resh Perera

Amazing work, Warren!


Dean Hodgson

Great cause Wazza & genuie effort requited, good luck with the run


Pero Radosevic

Congratulations on an amazing effort for a very worthwhile cause


Dan And Emma Chesterman

Awesome work Warren - whatever were you thinking signing up to that!?!


James L

Great cause Warren, and good luck!


Nick Salem

Good luck Warren !


Craig Lauchlan

You’re a champion mate - go well


Dan Chesterman

84km….. big effort… particularly with the humidity and hills! Best of luck with the training. Great cause too




Trent Owens

Good on you legend....


Ben Petrucci

Run Wazza run! Good luck mate, huge effort.



Go Wazza and all the best mate.


Sam Quinlan

Fantastic effort mate - good luck and use the ice cold Bintang at the end as motivation!!


Susan Hall

Go Warren


Susan Hall

Keep going Warren!


Amit Mehra

Very noble cause Warren !


Richard Heeley


Dan Wood

Go Wazza! Awesome work.


Claire Mcfarlane

Amazing Wazza!! What a beautiful cause to support. May your run go to plan!


Liam Davies

Nice one,Wazza!


Nicky Darwin

Good luck buddy,l.


Sharon Rode

All the best Wazza. Wonderful effort for a worthy cause.


Tim A

Well done Warren! Fantastic achievement!


Doug Lough


Justin Williamson

Nice one Warren, a massive undertaking for a great cause.


Alana Mitchell

Amazing!! Well done for your cause!! Congrats Warren!


Nghia Bui


Vinh Tran

Mate, you have done a great run!!!!!!!!!!