Establishing EdTech Program in BCF Schools

Building upon the milestones reached through the 2021-2023 Literacy and Numeracy Program, BCF has pioneered an EdTech-driven Literacy and Numeracy curriculum. Utilizing tablets and Indonesian Language Apps, this curriculum is tailored for Grade 1 students and delayed learners from Grades 2 to 6. Our prime objective is to guarantee that every BCF student receives a robust foundational education, rooted firmly in both Literacy and Numeracy.

The EdTech Program encompasses comprehensive teacher training, meticulous data collection, and proactive parental engagement. Early results indicate the program's proficiency in facilitating rapid and efficient learning. What sets it apart is its ability to pinpoint both students facing challenges and those with advanced capabilities. The program's efficiency is evident; after just one class session, we can identify students needing assistance and those ready for advanced materials. Previously, such insights required a semester, and even then, the information was broad rather than precise. With EdTech, an in-depth analysis by individual student and grade is available on a monthly basis.

Currently, the EdTech Program has been rolled out in 4 schools, with 56 BCF-affiliated government elementary schools awaiting funding. Each school's funding stands at $AUD5,000, which also grants the donor naming rights for that particular institution. To fully implement the EdTech initiative across all 60 schools, we require a budget of $AUD330,000.

EdTech's Focus on Grade 1 Students

Insights drawn from comprehensive data encompassing 5,063 students have paved the way for BCF’s renewed strategy.

For the upcoming academic year, BCF will concentrate its Literacy and Numeracy initiatives on grade 1 pupils. Our project, titled EdTech, equips these students with tablets preloaded with Reading, Writing, and Numeracy apps in the Indonesian language. This self-paced learning tool has demonstrated, especially during our preliminary trials, that it is particularly effective in bolstering Numeracy skills.

A standout feature of these devices is their capability to swiftly identify both students who need additional support and those with gifted abilities. This early detection is vital to ensure that every student, particularly those lagging behind, achieves at least the basic competency by the end of their first grade. This foundation is crucial for their consistent academic progress throughout elementary school.

For the gifted students in remote locations, EdTech is groundbreaking. It marks the first instance where they're provided with tailored resources to enhance their educational experiences and broaden their horizons.

Benefits of EdTech for Grade 1 Students

  • Delayed learners can be quickly identified and additional support provided. The support can be as simple as placing a slower learner beside a gifted child. Or providing a simple numbers chart as a reference for the child.
  • For a gifted child in a remote school this is revolutionary as it is the first time that special opportunities will be provided to expand their education opportunities and imagination from an early age.
  • Besides the Grade 1 program, Tablets and Apps at the appropriate learning level will be used to support the 427 students (out of 5,205 students) across BCF projects in grades 2 to 6, who remain below basic competency.
  • Ed Tech plan includes parental involvement in school during monthly ‘invite the parents to participate’ classes. For parents with low literacy this inclusion is an important encouragement to help them support their children’s educational aspiration.
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