School Uniform & Stationary Kit

A fully equipped student is supported in their learning journey as they strive for a bright future. Help our elementary schools students in impoversihed areas in Bali by providing their school uniforms and stationary kit, and contribute to their comfort, self-confidence, and well-being.

English as a Foreign Language (EFL)

Bali Children Foundation delivers a student-centric English program for Grades 4 through 12. Our classes emphasise spoken and listening English which are essential skills for future employment in Bali. The BCF curriculum is enhanced with videos and presented via a 55-inch smart TV or projector. The engaging technology includes native speaker's conversing in English, and for Elementary students, fun English songs and games. EFL classes provide students with consistent curriculum standards regardless of the school's remote location.


Establishing EdTech Program in BCF Schools

Building upon the milestones reached through the 2021-2023 Literacy and Numeracy Program, BCF has pioneered an EdTech-driven Literacy and Numeracy curriculum. Utilizing tablets and Indonesian Language Apps, this curriculum is tailored for Grade 1 students and delayed learners from Grades 2 to 6. Our prime objective is to guarantee that every BCF student receives a robust foundational education, rooted firmly in both Literacy and Numeracy.

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Help provide a school uniform, shoes and stationery set for an elementary school student in a remote and impoverished community.
EFL - Provide an English as a Foreign Language class to an Elementary school student in Sidetapa Village, for a year.
EdTech - for 1 student in Grade 1 at a BCF supported school to fund equipment, tablets and apps, teacher training, data and analysis.
Help provide a reading Corner with carpet, cushions, books, and room illustrations in a North Bali school.

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Direct Transfers

Those interested in making direct donations can do so via our Australian, Indonesian or USA charity, using the bank details below. Please remember to send us an email to let us know about your donation at and to give us the chance to express our appreciation for your generosity and send you a receipt. If you are sponsoring a child, we need your email address to set up the introduction. Thank you.


Bank: Permata Bank
Account Name: Yayasan Samiarsa Seminyak
Account No: 01237842827 (IDR)


Bank: National Australia Bank
Account Name: Bali Children Foundation
Account Number: 31 122 4263
BSB: 083 419
Branch Address: 424 St. Kilda Rd. Melbourne, VIC 3004


Bank: Evolve Bank & Trust
Account: 9801447725
Routing: 084106768
Clients Beneficiary Address: 7913 West Cortland Street Chicago, IL 60707