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Recycle, Composting

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Donate to our innovative Recycle Centre, Composting program and Permaculture garden.

In a collaborative effort, that's aimed to bring the community together and create long-lasting change and self-sufficient living, we bring you the Lembongan and Ceningan Recycle, Composting and Permaculture Initiative.

We will use a 22are as a sample cropping area and once it is operational share the technology with the wider community. The community will be part of the program from the beginning. Once the trial garden is established and proved effective, permaculture gardens will be offered to the families of Lembongan and Ceningan.

The situation:

- Nusa Lembongan has 8000+ inhabitants

- Tourism has fueled the economy of Nusa Lembongan for over 30 years

- COVID-19 has devastated tourism

- Most families have insufficient income to buy food to meet basic caloric/nutritional needs

- The food relief program has delivered thousands of meals and packages of staples (rice, sugar, salt)

- This is a short term solution. It’s not sustainable.

- Nobody knows when tourism will return

Nusa Lembongan needs a sustainable food relief solution

- Unlike Bali (or Nusa Penida) there’s very little arable land making it difficult to grow crops at any scale

- Since tourism has fuelled the economy for so long few locals hold farming knowledge or experience

- A 2,200sqm land lot has been generously donated for the purposes of the food relief program

- An existing waste management solution is collecting 500kg of organic food waste/month.

Compost production is a critical part of the process

- The aerobic composting process takes approximately 2-3 months

- Green kitchen waste = nitrogen and microorganisms. Brown garden waste = carbon

- Aerobic composting requires a 4:1 ratio of brown to green waste

- The current green collection is 500 kg/month. This requires 2,000kg of brown garden waste for composting

- Which produces approx 1,000kg (~2 cubic meters) of compost in 3 months

- Green waste collection can be increased 2x or 4x.

- This requires 4 full-time workers

- A hammer mill + petrol

- Tools, pitchforks, shovels etc

- Wire, posting and land