Music For The Pedawa Children with Cherry Panjaitan

By Our Bali Your Bali

We are fundraising to help improve the education for thousands of children

The children at SDN 2 Pedawa received a wonderful surprise. Cherry Panjaitan covered Stand Up For Love with the hope of bringing awareness to these children who rely on support for their education. This campaign is to raise funds for the Bali Children Foundation program.  We aim to raise 15,316.48 AUD/159.743.022 million rupiah for these schools so the children can receive the best education possible and so they can look forward to a bright future.

BCF Program:

a. English Room: 15 Million, includes equipment upgrade - serves grades 4 to 6. If no upgrade required then Rp7,500,000

b. English class: 2 mil/month to teach three grades, 750k/month to teach one grade. Includes teacher training.

c. Trilingual or Bilingual Books: 500k per English room.

d. Teaching Budget: 20 mil/year- includes teacher training.

e. Stem Classes: Set up costs Rp50,000,000

f. STEM teaching Rp 25,000,000 per year

Thank you for your support.

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