Em McDermott

Em's Birthday Fundraiser

As my friends and family know, Bali has a special place in my heart and it's almost entirely due to the beautiful Balinese people who have sadly been hit so hard by covid.  

Remote communities in Bali are already suffering from significant poverty.  Many families survive on remittances from their employed children. Now thousands are out of work, without any social services safety net and remittances have stopped.

I've created this page to help provide food to some of the most vulnerable people in remote communities in Bali.    

$25 provides food for a family for 4 weeks and I'm hoping to raise enough for at least 10 families.  No donation is too small - every $ counts!  

My Updates

Goal updated

Saturday 24th Jul
After reaching my goal of feeding 10 families for 4 weeks, I'm hoping to double that and raise enough for 20 families.    Thanks to those who have donated so far!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Peter Mcdermott

Doing same with friends in Bali, Em. Good on you.





Great cause and something dear to your heart. Well done❤️❤️



Happy bday Em, great job with this too x


Jennifer Smallridge

Selamat ulang tahun Em - what a worthy cause. xxx



Good on ya Em.. happy birthday tooooooooooooooooooo yooooooooooooooou ❤️🤙🎂👏🎉


Sarah & Co.

Happy Birthday Em xx


Shelley Graves

Happy Birthday Em! Great idea. Very thoughtful of you. I miss Bali too! 💕




Em Mcdermott



Such a lovely idea. I was just watching a program in tourism in Bali XX Happy birthday xx


Penny Wincer

Beautiful idea Em! Happy early birthday. I hope you can get back to Bali soon


Di Bailey

Happy Birthday my dear friend!


Grace Kilpatrick

Happy birthday Em, and thanks for highlighting the cause. Wish we could all visit Bali right now xx Grace.



Happy Birthday Em great cause