From Island to Island with Love

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I'm fundraising to help improve the education for thousands of children

Remote communities in Bali are already suffering from significant poverty.

Many families survive on remittances from their employed children. Now thousands are out of work, without any social services safety net and remittances have stopped.

I've created this page to help provide remote communities in Bali with improved access to well-priced stapled food, education and more.

My Updates

Kaohsiung Writing Workshop

Monday 22nd Feb
I would like to thank the very generous and welcoming organisers and members of the Kaohsiung Writing Workshop Open Mic Evening, held at A Touch of Zen Guesthouse, for their support today. We sold 5 copies of timeless shoreline: a haiku journey through Bali. All funds have have been added to the Bali Children Foundation fundraiser. 

From Island to Island with Love

Tuesday 16th Feb
As island dwellers, we understand what it is like to be isolated during the Covid pandemic. As some of you are aware, I have just published a collection of poetry through King River Press that I wrote on our family holidays to Bali over the years. Whilst we will be donating a percentage of sales to Bali charities, that may not get there soon enough for some of the children, families and communities that really need our support and financial assistance right now. Please join me in giving a donation - small or large - whatever you can afford. 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Jodie Marie Hawthorne


Jodie Hawthorne


King River Press

Thank you to the lovely people who have recently purchased a copy of Timeless Shoreline: a haiku journey through Bali either from us, though our ETSY store or Google Books. Much appreciated. A little goes a long way to helping these little ones and their families.


King River Press

Thank you to the lovely people who purchased a PDF copy of timeless shoreline: a haiku journey through Bali. Much appreciated.