Sinead MacCana

The Bali Hope Ultra 2022

Bali Hope Ultra - my why.

No child, first or third world, should be experiencing malnutrition. However whilst our world has the greatest opportunity to access education and nutrition to give our children the life they deserve - half the world is still starving and the other half is either forcefully starving themselves or overfeeding and under-nourishing.

The effects of under-feeding don't just impact the physical health of the world changers of our future, they impact our potential as a global community.

I believe that every child deserves to experience world bliss, however that cannot be done without proper access to nutrition and education. The Bali Child Foundation also shares the same values, and by running the Bali Hope Ultra, as well as launching The Ground Up Foundation - I not only HOPE, but BELIEVE, that together - you and I - can give our children the Bliss they innately deserve.

Every donation, share on social media is greatly appreciated and to reciprocate the energy you have given me - I will share my journey to my first Ultra with you.

We CAN do hard things (like run our first ultra marathon overseas and overnight and combat first and third world malnutrition)

Grounded always, compassion always.

Sinead xx

My Updates

Weekly Wednesday Sunrise Runs

Wednesday 15th Jun
Every Wednesday AM, meet at 5.30AM for a 5.45AM Sunrise run (or walk... or jog!)

Then join for coffee and connection after. It's the perfect way for you to start your day, feel inspired, grateful, connected, caffeinated and support me as I train for the Bali Hope Ultra and raise awareness for Bali Children's Foundation.

Thank you to my Sponsors


The Ground Up Foundation



Caity Maccana


Sinead Maccana





Helen Ward

Glad my contribution is going to provide such a valuable but basic need of education and health.


Finian Maccana


Awal Singh


Jared Clarke -the Ground Up Fonudation #runforbliss


Coby Stephen Van Den Ende


Serotonin Dealer

So proud of you girl xxxx



you can do hard things



Good luck miss !


Margaret Prismall

A great cause


Bill Shearing

Doing a wonderful job Sinead


Chris Ward

Great job Sinead From Tim and Jack too


Mum & Dad Mundy-castle

Well done baby! Love youuuuuu!


Sarah And Luke

Well done you! AMAZING. A dollar for every km from Luke and me :)


Coby Stephen Van Den Ende


Faith Manning

Do good and be the change you want to see Also….. You can do hard things🤣 We believe in the magic of you Sinead 🌅



You continue to inspire me, every day, every where. The world is better for having you in it 💕


K Rasmussen

Well done Sinead. You’ve achieved something amazing for yourself and also for others which is just so epic. You should be so proud of yourself as we all are


Lexi Robinson


Kymberley Kruger


Daniel Kirkbride


Sinead Allsop

Love and miss you!!! You’re amazing and cannot wait to see what you do 💛💛


Jess Roff

You are so amazing Sinead!!✨🏃🏻‍♀️



You are amazing, I love your determination and commitment to this amazing mission!


Nathan Griffith

Ran 31km in the Currumbin Valley today - inspired by your bliss. So donating $31 to help your cause.


Deb Be

Congratulations Sinead , Jared and team. Amazing 👏


Rebecca Sutton



Tia Fon



Great job Sinead, super inspiring!!



You're actually epic Sinead! Your helping these children and inspiring us all back home too!


Mike Kaponay

A great cause, well done on your efforts


Kumi Grace


Tymara Lamb



So proud of you Sinead!!! XO


Nathan Griffith

Love everything about this 😁 Keep going!


Wmn Space

You are amazing chick! X



It wouldn't be right letting you start the run without reaching your goal of $3K. Great work!