Queenie's Indonesian school kids fundraise

By Queenie Matthewson Join Me

I'm fundraising to help improve the education for thousands of children

I came home from school after an Indonesian lesson at school.

I told my mum that school kids in Indonesia can be very poor and I wanted to sell some things and send them some money to help them.

My mum sells vintage things and we want to have a farmers market stall and maybe a garage sale in our home town of Katanning.

My mum is very happy that I care about others.

My Updates

First donation

Saturday 20th Mar
My Grandma gave me $20.
When my container is full we will put a big total into the fundraiser.

Thank you to my Supporters


Braeside Primary School Mothers Day Stall


Farmers Market And Other Sales


Queenie And Mum


Linda Clark

Queenie would be so proud of you <3


Keryn And Liam

Dear Queenie, You are kind and thoughtful and you have a big heart. We're so proud of you. Love Aunty Keryn and Liam. Xx


Arnika Te Kapa



Michelle Mackenzie

You are very caring Miss Queenie❣️


Angelique Simmons

Amazing kind hearted thing to do. You go girl ❤️


Catherine Shay


Chris M Ria H Grandma


Vintage Sales


Earring Bracelet Sales


Kellie Macnicol

Such a generous and thoughtful endeavour! Great idea, Queenie!


Louise Stade

What a lovely idea Queenie. The people in Bali need our help more than ever right now.



Outstanding Queenie you’ve already raised enough to educate a boy or girl for a year. Be very proud young lady. Awesome work 👏👏


Steve Warren


Vintage Sales And Cash Donations


Braeside Primary School


Nicole Smallacombe


Sue Carpenter

Well done Queenie. XX


Kirby Parsons

What a blessing you are sweet girl 🙏 The money you are raising will be so important to other children who aren't as fortunate 😁


Stella Lopes

Dear Queenie, I would like to donate to you on behalf of my mum for Mother’s Day. I’m sorry I couldn’t help at your stall, but I would love to help you help Indonesian schools to make Indonesia a better place for the kids that live there. Love Stella xx


Holly & Cameron Clark

You’re an amazing young lady, Queenie. So proud of you thinking of others. ❤️


Trudy Riley

I’m very proud of you Queenie thinking of other children who need our help because helping others is a wonderful thing to do and makes your heart very special. ❤️Xx


Rebecca Hall

Bagus Queenie! You are a big-hearted girl x


Meghan Thornborough

Good job on the Fundraising so far