Food for The Villages Around Mt. Agung - Glo Day Spa Salon

I'm fundraising to make a difference for Indonesian communities impacted by the global pandemic!

My name is Georgia Sutherland and I have been lucky to call Bali my island home for the past 24 years. As the Australian owner of Glo Day Spa & Salons in Bali, I feel compelled to help the beautiful people of Bali during this devastating global pandemic.

Eighty percent of Balinese rely on tourism, whether directly or indirectly, and COVID-19 has brought that to a grinding halt and badly affected the local economy and most of the population of Bali (4 million people) are seriously struggling.

Our goal is to raise money to buy basic food supplies of rice, eggs, vegetables, oil and hygiene items for the villages of Kubu, Tianyar, Tirta Ganga - around the base of Mt Agung. Over the past three years these villages have been effected by the continuing eruptions and now again impacted by the Corona virus. In 2018, we collected funds and bought food, toys and education items for the villages at the base of Mt Agung. And now we need your help again.

We do understand that everyone all over the globe has been affected by this terrible COVID-19. We are humbly asking if you have a few spare dollars to support these low-income Balinese families. Our promise is that 100% of the money collected will be distributed. 90% of the funds collected will be shared for food supplies and hygiene essentials for those in need and the balance of 10% will be donated to the Bali Children Foundation to help their cause to get kids on the islands of Bali & Lombok the support they need to get back to school in the future.

Your generous donations will be greatly appreciated – no matter how big or small. We have partnered with the Bali Children Foundation and our Glo Family - we call ourselves a family – and will send you photos and updates via the fundraising platform. Our Glo Team will use preferred wholesalers to purchase the supplies and then directly be involved with the distribution to the villages.

From our heart to yours – a massive big thank you. We will get through this and when we do, we cannot wait to see you all back in Bali.

Thank you to my Sponsors


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